About the High School Athlete


According to the NCAA, there are eight million students currently participating in high school athletics in the United States. Teenagers are more likely to suffer an injury than younger children because as athletes continue to grow in size and strength, the more force and potential for harm and injury can occur. Varsity Orthopedics has expertise in treating young athletes with sports injuries in order to help them get back in action.

Some of the injuries that high school athletes can experience include the following:

  • Broken bones
  • Joint and ligament tears
  • Head injuries (brain trauma, concussions, skull fractures etc.)
  • Eye injuries

Varsity Orthopedics is a sports medicine clinic that specializes in orthopedics for high school athletes. It includes the practice of Dr. Christine Quatro, a board-certified, fellowship-trained pediatric orthopedic surgeon.

One of the serious issues related to high school athletes playing sports involves their parents. Teenagers can develop bone and joint problems due to overuse and strains. These health problems can occur from adolescents practicing and playing longer and harder than there bodies can handle. This is a common problem for young teens that are perfectionists and practice excessively at their sport. It is important for teens to not always play sports at a very high competitive level. It is wise for parents to encourage their teenager to play informal sports with their friends, and to limit practice to 2 hours or less.

In the event your teenager has a bone or ligament injury, Varsity Orthopedics has the extensive expertise in providing orthopedic care for kids, teenagers and young adults who have suffered sports-related injuries, fractures and bone disorders.