Ankle & Foot Exercises

Ankle & Foot Exercises

The following are examples of exercises and stretches that Varsity Orthopedics may recommend for patients related to an ankle and/or foot injury.

Balance exercise

This exercise helps promote balance in the ankle, knee and hip. While standing with one foot on inflatable cushion, try to balance as long as possible.

Stool roll

While sitting in a wheeled chair or stool, move forward by using your heels to transport you across the room. Go at a pace most comfortable to you, using each foot one at a time.

Resisted ankle dorsiflexion

With tubing anchored in doorjam, pull foot towards body. Return slowly to starting position.

Resisted ankle inversion

Have someone hold tubing ankle, and slowly turn involved foot inward.

Manual stretch or self-stretch

Sit with knee straight and towel looped around foot. Gently pull on towel until a comfortable stretch is felt in the calf.

Note: Exercises shown are general and not specific to all injuries. These exercises should only be used under the guidance of a physical therapist. For complete and optimal rehabilitation, a physical therapy evaluation by a licensed physical therapist is recommended.