Shoulder Exercises

The following are examples of exercises and stretches that Varsity Orthopedics may recommend for patients related to a shoulder injury.

Thera-band exercise/scapular retraction

Secure the center of the band in door. Hold both ends of the band. Your elbows should be shoulder-height. Pull backwards slowly, as if you are pinching your shoulder blades together. Repeat.


Shoulder passive range of motion

Begin by sitting up straight with your arms relaxed at your sides. Slowly lift the arm, paying particular attention to the movement at the shoulder joint. This movement enables stretching of specific shoulder muscles and helps build flexibility necessary to recover from a shoulder injury.

UBE machine

The UBE machine is an arm bike. It is used to increase the patient's range of motion (ROM), strength and endurance.

Note: Exercises shown are general and not specific to all injuries. These exercises should only be used under the guidance of a physical therapist. For complete and optimal rehabilitation, a physical therapy evaluation by a licensed physical therapist is recommended.