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Who we are

Varsity Orthopedics is a sports medicine clinic that specializes in pediatric orthopedics and the specific needs of children and adolescents. We care for kids, teenagers and young adults who have suffered sports-related injuries, fractures, overuse syndromes and growth-related bone disorders across the entire northeast Tarrant county.

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How Varsity Orthopedics is different

Pediatric orthopedic surgeons specialize in treating kids and teenagers. It is important to understand that kids and teenagers are not just small adults. Therefore, treating illness and injury in children requires a different approach, because their bones and joints are younger and not fully developed. Another key factor that demands unique care of children is their tendency to feel overwhelmed and afraid in the medical world.

Recognizing the specific needs of children, Varsity Orthopedics creates a comfortable environment for them that is not intimidating. Our special training and experience in pediatric orthopedics creates the best medical care available for children and adolescents.

Your injury does not have to be psychologically traumatic

Another reason a pediatric orthopedic surgeon is preferred relates to the fears of a child or teen. How well the doctor relates to a child or teen will contribute to a successful treatment and rehabilitation, as well as creating a positive image of the medical world. While an adult may be able to cope with the unknown factors following an injury, a fracture or sports injury may be an overwhelming catharsis for the child or young teen. The ability of a physician to establish a rapport with the child is essential to easing the fears of the child or teen. The injury may be traumatic physically, but there is no reason why the treatment and recovery needs to be psychologically traumatic as well.

Furthermore, orthopedic clinics geared towards adults can be intimidating or even frightening to a child. Adult-oriented clinics are often specialized in the problems of adult injury and bone disorders, such as arthritic joints and hips, and problems associated with "older" rather than "younger" bones and joints. The rehab areas in an adult orthopedic clinic often have older people recovering from hip or knee implants or those suffering from arthritic joints — an older person's problem, not a young person's problem. This only serves to make a child or teen feel out of their element. The therapists may also be at a loss with how to deal with the child or teen recovering from a sports injury. There is a better way... an approach geared toward the child or growing teen.

The staff at Varsity Orthopedics has years of experience in treating orthopedic disorders and injuries, and its physicians are fellowship-trained in pediatric sports medicine. Fellowship training is the highest level of training available in the United States for an orthopedic surgeon.