About Us

Varsity Orthopedics is a physician practice that specializes in pediatric orthopedics and the specific needs of children. We care for kids, teenagers and young adults who have suffered sports-related injuries, fractures and growth-related bone disorders.

Pediatric orthopedic surgeons specialize in treating kids and teenagers. It is important to understand that kids and teenagers are not just small adults. Therefore, treating illness and injury in children requires a different approach, because their bones and joints are younger and not fully developed. Another key factor that demands unique care of children is their tendency to feel overwhelmed and afraid in the medical world.

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It is crucial to understand that kids and teens have growth plates in their bones. These growth plates act as seams that enable bones to lengthen as the child grows taller. If an injury is treated incorrectly, this can have an effect on growth plates and the final outcome of a child's growth post-injury. These growth plates also place kids and teens at risk for specific developmental conditions and sports injuries.


According to the National SAFE KIDS Campaign, a local and national coalition, 20% of kids who play sports are injured, one out of four are seriously injured. The American Medical Association and Nemours Foundation cite that acute injuries occur primarily during team sports in which proper equipment is not used. Teenagers are more likely to suffer acute injury than younger children. As players grow in size and strength, the more force and potential for harm in a collision.

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Minimally Invasive Surgery

If you are kid or a teen, chances are you will break a bone or have some type of injury along the way to adulthood. For example, according to the Mayo Clinic, 50% of children will break a bone before adulthood. Kids have a greater risk for certain types of injury and fractures than adults. Many fractures may occur when injury is introduced to developing growth plates and bones. Varsity Orthopedics specializes in minimally invasive surgery from ages of 20 and under for a variety of medical conditions and injuries.

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