young children in sports

One of the serious issues related to kids playing sports involves their parents. Sometimes, an overzealous dad or mom will force their child to practice and play longer and harder than their frames are designed for. In such instances, kids can develop problems due to overuse and strains. This is also a common problem for young teens who are perfectionists and practice excessively at their sport.

Which sports are appropriate for young children?

Generally, "pewee football" is not recommended for children under age 13, although little league baseball is alright by the age of 9. At very young ages, most children do not have the focus that is necessary for sports that require a great amount of practice and training.

How can I help prepare my child for team sports?

According to the Penn State Sports Medicine newsletter, parents can help prepare children for team sports with the following:

  • Practice with your children in a casual environment.
  • Encourage your child to play informal sports with their neighbors or classmates.
  • Limit practice to 2 hours or less to stay within the average concentration level of children.

How many sports should my child play?

Children will have greater success and become more well-rounded and emotionally mature if they are exposed to one team sport and one individual sport. It is important for kids to learn teamwork and self-reliance. The playing field and the arena can be a great classroom for learning.