Words will never be enough to express how amazing Dr. Christine Quatro has been to my son and our whole family. Nicholas was diagnosed with Blount’s Disease at the age of 14. As he grew taller, his right leg bowed out more and more. He was literally running on the top part of his foot. High school was especially hard on Nick. We are pretty much into sports in my family. Nick’s favorite sport was and still is basketball, however, his 9th and 10th grade coaches cut him from the team saying that they didn’t want to be held responsible for Nick sustaining an injury. This crushed Nick’s spirit but did not destroy his hunger. We heard about Dr. Quatro through my health insurance and made the 2-hour drive to see her for the 1st time in Aug of 2014. That very 1st visit, she was able to assess, diagnose, and schedule him for surgery to correct the bow in his leg. Two weeks later, his surgery was performed. She was able to give him a 17-degree correction. Nick went on to play college basketball with a partial scholarship. Dr. Quatro, played a big part in restoring Nick’s self-confidence. He is now in his senior year of college, taking dual courses to apply to his MBA. He loves Dr. Quatro with all his heart. Dr. Quatro remained calm, patient, and reassuring throughout the surgery, follow up care, and scheduling of his physical therapy. Her treatment of her patients is impeccable. She is above remarkable. I highly recommend her to any parent that has a child in sports. Her and her staff are great!