Wrist Exercises

The following are examples of exercises and stretches that Varsity Orthopedics may recommend for patients with a wrist injury.

Wrist/elbow flexbar supination exercise

This is a strengthening exercise. Hold flexbar with affected arm and bend up. Repeat, then switch flexbar's position.


Manual or self-stretch for hand extension

At home, lay affected arm on the edge of a table. Use the palm of your other hand or a flat surface to extend your wrist, and apply gentle pressure for a few seconds. Repeat.

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Wrist flexion stretch

Lie affected arm on the edge of a table. At home, bend your wrist down and apply gentle pressure for a few seconds. Repeat.


Velcro roll for range of motion (ROM) exercise

This exercise will help stretch the affected forearm in pronation and supination. Hold velcro roll with affected hand, roll in one direction, then alternate.

Note: Exercises shown are general and not specific to all injuries. These exercises should only be used under the guidance of a physical therapist. For complete and optimal rehabilitation, a physical therapy evaluation by a licensed physical therapist is recommended.